Disaply Cases for Sports JERSEYs:

These cases are specifically designed for athletic jerseys and the like.  They are flatter and bigger then my other display cases, but -like all my cases, they are hinged to open or to stay carefully closed to protect your  sports collectable.  

They are painted in an elegant black to dramatically showcase whatever they contain, and then fade into the background there-after.  The frame is American oak finished with a warm shellac.  The 'window' is crystal-clear and tough acrylic.  There is a polished brass hasp that can take a small padlock if you desire.


jersey cases

jersey case hasp

jersey case hinge





jersey case #32x24 Sport
(Shown: Small T-shirt)
62 lbs*
jersey case
#32x28 Sport  $101.25
71 lbs*
jersey case
#32x32 Sport $108.75
80 lbs*
If you need a case that is wider then it is tall, it is best to select a tall one, (i.e. -the 36x32) and then mount it sideways.
jersey case
#36x24 Sport
69 lbs*
jersey case
#36x28 Sport
79 lbs*
jersey case
#36x32 Sport
89 lbs*
jersey case
#36x36 Sport
99 lbs*
jersey case
#40x24 Sport jersey case $105.00jersey case 76 lbs *
jersey case
#40x28 Sport
Shown: X-large basketball jersey.
87 lbs *
jersey case
#40x32 Sport
98 lbs*
jersey case
#40x36 Sport
Shown: Large baseball -case sideways.
5109 lbs*
jersey case
#44x24 Sport
83 lbs*
jersey case #44x28 Sport
96 lbs*
jersey case
#44x32 Sport
Shown: X-large football jersey -folded.
107 lbs*
jersey case
#44x36 Sport
119 lbs *
jersey case
#48x24 Sport
93 lbs*
jersey case
#48x28 Sport
101 lbs*
jersey case
#48x32 Sport
107 lbs*
jersey case
#48x36 Sport
Shown: Large football jersey -spread out -case sideways.
119 lbs*


* NOTE: The cases don't really weigh this much , but UPS figures what they like to call "dimensional weight." Nary a thing I can do about it, and I have to warn you, the freight on these will surprise you -and not in the good way. Drop me an e-mail with your zip code and I'll get the price-du-jouir. Furthermore, no small part of the price has to do with the pain-in-the-butt of putting them in a crate that the UPS gorillas can't break. (And the CAN break anything they want to, all I can do is make it harder for them to do so.)

If you have any plans to drive through Colorado, we can tie an athletic jersey cases to the roof of your car and save you some money. Or order 5 or 10 and I'll put them in a crate and use a common carrier. Cheaper this way in the long run.


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