Home-Museum's Mission:

This site will serve people who have things they treasure, -things that want, need, and deserve to be protected and/or displayed. Whether these things are the result of a lifetime of dedicated collecting, a single small family heirloom, or a child's treasures, HOME-MUSEUM will offer ideas, methods, and products to cherish and protect these items.

Whatever you collect or cherish –whether baseball bats or tiny little jewels, I offer display cases or drawer cases of various sizes. The display cases can be either mounted on the wall or put on our coffee table or bookcase. If you collect small items –and lots of them- I also offer drawer cases that may hold hundreds –or even thousands- of your small valuables. Like my display cases, some of these drawer cases can be set on your dresser, chests, or other furniture. But some of my drawer cases can be mounted or built into your home and made into bookcases, counters, or collector’s cabinets. And for the most impressive collections, drawer and display cases can be combined and built-in. A wall full of drawers and display cases filled with the fruits of a lifetime of dedicated collecting is what I call a Home Museum®. For the sports freak, I offer a set of cases specifically for sports memorabilia, and I have doll cases, and curio cabinets for other collectors