Paper Dolls


Did you know that dolls are America's third favorite collectables?  After coins and stamps. Showing-off dolls is wonderfully easy.  It is their very nature to command attention.    So much so that perhaps the trick is to protect them from too much attention and -of course- the environment -things like dust, UV light, and bugs & such.  Here are some possibilities:





Barbie Display


First -if you collect Barbie or similarly sized dolls- is my Doll Display Case.  Elegant, easy and -if I do say so myself- altogether perfect to protect as well as display your best dolls.







Shadow Boxes


Next, For dolls bigger, (or littler), then Barbie, my Shadow boxes are the way to go.  (And if you get one a little bigger then the doll needs, you give yourself the opportunity to add interesting accessories. Read How-To Make Topical Shadow Boxes.)




Dol Display Case


For lots and lots of dolls, or dolls that want to be seen and not touched, a Display Case -with a lock- lovingly mounted on the wall is the way to go. 

For the do-it-yourselfer, check out my articles on Designing and Building your own  Display Case  that is perfect for your doll collection.





Paper doll display

Finally, my research leads me to understand that collecting dolls is more then just collecting dolls.  Paper dolls are popular.  One of my Document-mounts would make the perfect display for your best paper-doll plate.



Doll clothes display

And for collections of doll clothes and accessories -without the doll- a Riker Mount would be perfect.







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