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Storage and display solutions for the collector and hobbyist.

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Home-Museum.com offers storage and display solutions for the collector and hobbyist.

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What ever you collect, Home-Museum.com offers the means to protect and / or display your valuable collection.  Both products and How-To advice are offered.
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Home-Museum.com is a terrific site for the collector. Lots of information on preserving, protecting, and displaying your collection.  You will also find products like drawer cases, display cases, and even display coffee-tables for your collection. 
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This site serves people who have things they treasure, -things that want, need, and deserve to be protected and/or displayed. Whether these things are the result of a lifetime of dedicated collecting, a single small family heirloom, or a child's treasures, HOME-MUSEUM will offer ideas, methods, and products to cherish and protect these items.
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American Fan Collectors Association

Peanuts Collectors Club

Pepsi Cola Collectors Club



Antique Telephone Collectors Association

Automatic Musical Instruments Collectors' Association


Art & Collectables:

UK Perfume Bottle Collectors Club

Paperweight Collectors Association of Texas

Paperweight Collectors Association, Inc

Collecting Ornaments On Line (COOL)

Precious Moments Chapel


China & Porcelain:

Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association

British Watch & Clock Collectors Association

M.I. Hummel Collectors Club

Hummel Collectors Club

Eva Zeisel Collectors Club


Coins, Stamps etc.

Postmark Collectors Club

Atlanta Stamp Collectors Club


Dolls: (& G.I. Joe)

Dolls List

Raving Toy Maniac - forum, news, and more in celebration of toys and action figures.

G.I. Joe Collectors' Club

Mile High Trenches  (gijoe)


            Central Coast Barbie Club

            Charlotte Barbie Doll Club

            Flower City Barbie Doll Club



Guns & knives:

Ohio Gun Collectors Association

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.

Australasian Knife Collectors Club


Models of every type:

British Model Soldier Society


Scale Modeling


Boats and Yachts


Trains and Railroads


        Trains and Railroads

        National Toy Train Museum

        Lionel Collectors Club of America

        Kitmaster Collectors Club




National Fishing Lure Collectors Club

Fotoball Collectors Club

Washington State Sports Collectors Association



ACE Toy.Co.UK - featuring information for toy collectors and kids.

Raving Toy Maniac - forum, news, and more in celebration of toys and action figures.

Sanriosociety  (hello kitty)

Japan Toy Collectors Club

Pocket Dragon Cave


Too odd to be true

UK Sucrologists Club