Everyone else has weighed in on it, I might as well.  It’s absurd for ‘those people’  to build a mosque there, but if they own the property, it is their right.  In the long run, I find more to fear in a country where-in someone -either the enlightened liberal left, or the fundamentalist Christians right can make enough noise to set aside the rule of law and dictate what people can or can not do with their own property.  Even if what ‘those people’ want to do is utterly baffling and their goals beyond comprehension.

But if the mosque is absurd, the actions of the port authority are obscene.  They “fast-tracked” the approval process for the mosque in about a week.  A Greek Orthodox church built in 1917 was destroyed when a tail section off one of the jets crashed on it.  As of today, almost 9 years later, the port authority has not yet given them permission to rebuild.


  1. Ken Says:

    That’s an interesting fact about the Greek Orthodox church. Didn’t know that. But it figures. I mean, in a city owned mostly by foreign countries, it’s a wonder they let Americans live there.

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