Gaylord Brothers / Curating Books etc.

If I had to admit to collect something -other than wood-working tools, it would be books. Very worthy collectible I must say. And very worthy of curatorial care.  I need to tout Gaylord Brothers (, in this direction.  It seems their biggest market is libraries of every stripe, but they have interesting products.

Of more importance, however, are a couple of free resources -down-loadable .pdf’s actually.  I highly recommend…

Book Craft

I actually recommended this before, but they have a new one….

Guide to Collections Care 

…which is a bit broader in subject -covers photos, paper, and fabric and all.

(One never knows how links might come across in a blog, so if these links don’t get’er done for you, hit their homepage and click on  Request a Catalog -they are at the bottom.


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  1. Kim Exhaust Says:

    Hi this post is nice and interesting. I’ll use it for my project :) . Can you tell me some related articles that I can read too?

  2. wharvey904 Says:

    Hi Kim,

    I have lots to say about amateur curatorial matters at….

    Tell me what’chu collect and need to preserve & protect?


  3. Kim Exhaust Says:

    Hi there this post is nice and interesting. I’ll use it for my blog :) . Can you reply me some related articles I could use too?

  4. Jess Tandarts Says:

    Hi thanks for this a little interesting post. But I still don’t get the last part though!

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