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Forbes Magazine / North Shore Agency SUCK

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Some yeas ago I was in a profession that required reading lots of financial stuff and Forbes Magazine was one of my favorites  So about a year or so ago I got a special offer for 12 issues for $9.00. I checked the “12 issues” box and mailed off a personnel check.  Before I even got the first issue, I started getting letters suggesting I send even more money for a 3 year subscription.  This was distasteful and frankly, their journalism was not as good as I remembered, so I ignored all the “Your subscription is about up” junk-mail I continued to get.  Yesterday, they took it up a notch. I got a letter from North Shore Agency explaining that Forbes “has placed your account with this agency.” and all manner of the standard threatening language.

How sad.  Any doubts I had about dis-trusting Forbes for journalistic truth are thoroughly confirmed with this little perversion of reality.