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Sunday, September 12th, 2010

I’ve heard enough all I can stand from congress and its leadership about the jobs it’s created.  The census hires people one week, fires them the next, and rehires them the third -over and over again.  This counts as multiplw!?!!  Auto companies keep thousands of over-paid union workers by raping the shareholders.  I’ll only mention school-district rubber rooms all over the country and say no more because my doctor wants me to keep my blood pressure down.  But I will tell an illustrative story of some years back.

It was when I was just starting my business, (and money was tight), that I did a trade show in a mid-western city.  It was not a city where-in you would guess the unions had a lot of influence -just a nice mid-western city every one has heard of and perhaps driven through, but not what you would think of as a ‘destination’ like New York, Chicago, or Las Vegas.  They were, however, trying to become a destination city and somehow felt they needed unionized to a fair-thee-well.  (I’ll break the suspense right now -they failed.  Their convention center is now boarded up awaiting the wrecking ball.)

What I remember most vividly about this town and this trade show was that it cost me more money for some schmoe w/ a pallet jack to get the crate that held my exhibit across the loading dock and to my booth then it did to have it picked up at my business in Denver and transported to that dock a couple of states away.  This happy charge was added after I sent the promoter a check and he was a little embarrassed, but apparently there was nothing he could have done to have anticipated it, nor anything he could have about it after the fact.  Union rules and all.  After I got the crate to my booth and was setting up, an electrician came by and asked if I wanted electricity.  I told him I had checked  the little box on the exhibitor’s registration that said, “110V / 10 amp electric service,” and paid an extra fee.  I had brought my own extension cords etc., and in fact had already plugged in the 2 or 3 modest lights I needed.  He said I could use my own extension cords, but he would have to connect them, and that would be $20 please.  Somewhat stupefied, I handed him a $20 and watched him unplug my lights, plug them back in, and wander off to provide the next exhibitor the skills & benefits of the local electrical workers union.

These are the sort of jobs this country in going even further into debt to save.


Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Everyone else has weighed in on it, I might as well.  It’s absurd for ‘those people’  to build a mosque there, but if they own the property, it is their right.  In the long run, I find more to fear in a country where-in someone -either the enlightened liberal left, or the fundamentalist Christians right can make enough noise to set aside the rule of law and dictate what people can or can not do with their own property.  Even if what ‘those people’ want to do is utterly baffling and their goals beyond comprehension.

But if the mosque is absurd, the actions of the port authority are obscene.  They “fast-tracked” the approval process for the mosque in about a week.  A Greek Orthodox church built in 1917 was destroyed when a tail section off one of the jets crashed on it.  As of today, almost 9 years later, the port authority has not yet given them permission to rebuild.