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Forbes Magazine / North Shore Agency SUCK

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Some yeas ago I was in a profession that required reading lots of financial stuff and Forbes Magazine was one of my favorites  So about a year or so ago I got a special offer for 12 issues for $9.00. I checked the “12 issues” box and mailed off a personnel check.  Before I even got the first issue, I started getting letters suggesting I send even more money for a 3 year subscription.  This was distasteful and frankly, their journalism was not as good as I remembered, so I ignored all the “Your subscription is about up” junk-mail I continued to get.  Yesterday, they took it up a notch. I got a letter from North Shore Agency explaining that Forbes “has placed your account with this agency.” and all manner of the standard threatening language.

How sad.  Any doubts I had about dis-trusting Forbes for journalistic truth are thoroughly confirmed with this little perversion of reality.

A Slew of Shadow Boxes:

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

I don’t know if it’s serendipity, or the ebb and flow of the internet, but it seems I get a bunch of the same sort of work all at once. Shaker coffee tables in cherry last month, this week, it’s shadow boxes. For instance, consider following picture. The gray boxes with cherry frames and custom shelves was a commission for a woman who is dividing up her husband’s model car between her four children as a memento to the gentleman. The tall black box with a dark oak frame and upholstered insert is for a brass doorknob collection. Finally, the small one with the mahogany frame is for the sailor’s hat a woman’s father wore in the USN during WWII and the Korean war, as well as various organizational & social pins.

Taking Care of BOOKS:

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

If I had to admit to collect something -other than wood-working tools, it would be books. Very worthy collectible I must say. And very worthy of curatorial care.  I need to tout Gaylord Brothers (, in this direction.  It seems their biggest market is labraries of every stripe, but they have interesting products.

Of more importance, however, are a couple of free resources -down-loadable .pdf’s actually.  I highly recommend…

Book Craft

I actually reccomended this before, but they have a new one….

Guide to Collections Care 

…which is a bit broader in subject -covers photos, paper, and fabric and all.

(One never knows how links might come across in a blog, so if these links don’t get’er done for you, hit their homepage and click on  Request a Catalog -they are at the bottom.



Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Everyone else has weighed in on it, I might as well.  It’s absurd for ‘those people’  to build a mosque there, but if they own the property, it is their right.  In the long run, I find more to fear in a country where-in someone -either the enlightened liberal left, or the fundamentalist Christians right can make enough noise to set aside the rule of law and dictate what people can or can not do with their own property.  Even if what ‘those people’ want to do is utterly baffling and their goals beyond comprehension.

But if the mosque is absurd, the actions of the port authority are obscene.  They “fast-tracked” the approval process for the mosque in about a week.  A Greek Orthodox church built in 1917 was destroyed when a tail section off one of the jets crashed on it.  As of today, almost 9 years later, the port authority has not yet given them permission to rebuild.